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Embroidery, Screen Printing,
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Embroidery gives the garment a rich and aesthetic impression, and is versatile enough to be used on formal and informal clothing, and personalisation of many other products. Be it large or small text, or complicated logo designs, with our state of art embroidery machines and superior digitisation quality, we are able to produce impeccable results.
We require a high resolution image in png, jpeg or PDF format to convert the artwork into machine readable embroidery format (Digitising). There is a one-time ONLY set up fee for artwork digitisation.

Embroidery can be done on the following:
• Polo shirts, Corporate shirts and trousers.
• Hospitality and medical uniforms, aprons.
• Sports and school jerseys and shorts.
• Hi-Vis work wear, soft shell jackets, polars, hoodies, shorts and trousers.
• Travel bags, sports and school bags, laptop and conference bags.
• Soft toys (embroidery available only on the in-house range of soft toys).
• Headwear like caps, beanies and bucket hats.
• Towels, bathrobes, blankets, and children’s clothing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is process where the different colours involved in the design are applied to the garment in layers. For darker garments an additional base layer of ink is also required. Each colour of ink is set up on a different screen, and each screen has an individual set up cost. There is a set up cost for screen printing for every batch or order. Hence, screen printingis an economical option for when there are larger designs and medium to large size orders. We do not take orders under 25 pieces for screenprinting.
Screen printing is best suited for the following:
• T-shirts, polo shirts and singlets
• Hi-Vis work wear, hoodies and jackets
• Sports and school bags, laptop and conference bags
• Trade show bags, Calico and non-woven bags
• Polo shirts, T-shirts.
• Hi-Vis work wear
• Hoodies, cheer leading tops, jackets
• Sports and school bags, laptop and conference bags
• Sports and school Polos, t-shirts, jerseys and more

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